More than just weather models

RIMpro is a DSS that models a wide range of pests and diseases of fruit trees and vineyards. If you have a weather station, you can connect your weather station to RIMpro, and our DSS will evaluate the risk of each pest and disease for your farm. If you don’t have a weather station, we can create a virtual weather station that will work with satellite weather data. Our models are are continuously developed and tested in cooperation with scientists, consultants, and growers in production regions with different climatic conditions. New scientific knowledge, practical experiences and user feedback help us to improve the existing models and develop new models

Accurate real-time data

RIMpro does not just warn you of the current weather situation. Our models are “population models”, which means that they follow the pest and disease development in your crop over the production season, in subsequent generations, and during infection cycles.

A population model

RIMpro follows the development of pests and diseases during the whole growing season in your orchard/vineyard. Each new risk calculation takes into account what happened at the beginning of the season.

Real time informations

The models are updated every 30 minutes. With each new run the system looks for the most recent data from your weather station and uses the most recent weather forecast for your location.

An account for each type of user

Growers and consultants can create an account. Growers can connect to their weather station and form ‘user groups’ to share model output. Consultants can connect all weather stations in their network and share graphs with their clients.

Use less pesticide

See when there is a risk for each pest/disease and spray only when necessary. Within the Apple scab, Downy mildew, and European canker models, you can enter your spray program and see fungicide depletion depending on weather and plant growth. Renew your treatment only when necessary.


RIMpro’s models help you with your pests and disease management through our decision support system for smart farming.

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RIMpro's grape model helps you manage the most common grapevine diseases with real-time risk calculation. Manage your vineyard sustainably and use fewer pesticides.

Stone Fruit

Manage stone fruit diseases with RIMpro's stone fruit model. Protect your crops and prevent fungal diseases through RIMpro's precision farming system.


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