RIMpro types of accounts

RIMpro offers different types of accounts for different types of users. Wether you have a weather station or not, weather you are an advisor or a grower, we can help you find the right type of account.

You can connect to your RIMpro account

-“real” weather stations (see the complete list of compatible stations)

-“virtual” weather stations based solely on satellite weather data.

Grower account

The grower account is intended for farms that have a weather station and wish to be able to fully parameterize their account.

As a grower you can

  • enter your personnal parameters (phenological stages, insect catches)
  • enter your sprays to estimate fungicide coverage

An individual grower can create as many weather stations as he wants. You are also free to share your station results in a “user group”. In this case, RIMpro generates a map of the stations and each member of the group can view the model outputs on the other members’ weather stations.

Example of a grower account

Advisor account

If you are an advisory organization, you can create an advisor account. An advisor account starts with 10 stations, but you can add as many as you like later. The advisor is responsible for setting up all the station parameters in his network.

if your advisory service has a website, you can

  • display a map with all the weather stations and the clients can access directly the output of the models through the map. Your clients can only choose the model and visualize the output but cannot change the station parameters nor enter their spray program (but they can create a guest account to do it).
  • generate a private link for each grower to give him a personalized access to his models of interest and integrate it in on your website. There are a lot of possible model combinations.

Exemple of 2 iframes integrated into a website : an advisor map with 3 stations and a summary of the wine models for the location “Amsterdam”
  • have an overview of the scab (or downy mildew) situation on all the stations of your account with a colour code according to the intensity of the upcoming risks. You can have in one click an overview of all the past and forecasted scab/downy mildew infections for different weather stations.

Regional view of apple scab and downy mildew risks for a group of weather stations

Discover the advisor account with this video

Guest account

This type of account is for growers that do not have a weather station. If there is a network of weather stations close to you (user group or advisory network), you can become a guest of their weather stations and access the models directly through the map of the group.

You can

  • look at the models on the weather stations of the group
  • add your spray program to these stations

However, only the owner of the station can change the station settings (biofix, green tip date, flowering date).