How to change forecast in the apple scab model?

Most decisions are based on forecast, as it is difficult to change the past. Post-infection applications are almost always less effective than protective or germination window applications of fungicides.

Weather forecast providers might disagree, and crop wetness duration has to be calculated from these forecasted data by RIMpro. The weather data tab in the scab management page allows you to toggle quickly between available forecast providers, and ways to calculate leaf wetness from the forecasted weather data.

This enables you to compare different scenarios for the coming hours and days, and make the best decisions in your scab management.

note : if you change wetness calculations (simple or Leca) in this section, it will only be applied to the scab model for this station. If you want to change wetness calculation for all the models, refer to this page.

If you select ” personnal 48H weather forecast”, you can then click on “Edit my 48h forecast”. In this table you can enter your own weather forecast fo each 30 minutes timestep. Click directly in a cell to change it and then click on recalculate and show to see how it impacts the scab primary and secondary season graph.