How can I change wetness calculations?

Recorded leaf wetness

For stations using meteoblue : Leca wetness model

This model estimates the duration of leaf wetness events based on meteoblue data for rain, temperature, relative humidity, wind and global radiation. Every user who uses the meteoblue data stream as Virtual station, or as weather forecast, finds the “virtual leaf wetness” model in the list on the left pannel. This graph shows the evolution of the water film on 10 random apple leaves of different age and position in the tree. The disease models regard the tree as wet as long as these virtual leaves are wet. You can read more about virtual leaf wetness here

For stations without meteoblue : Simple leaf wetness

If you don’t have meteoblue you can chose the leaf wetness calculations going to Administration > Sensors. By default, the wetness duration is estimated based on the information from your leaf wetness sensor and the VPD. This means that your leaf will be wet as soon as VPD is <2.0 or the leaf sensor is wet. You can change the threshold for VPD directly in the table.

You can also chose to estimate leaf wetness according to relative humidity (if HR is >85% then the leaf is estimated wet)

Beware that VPD is calculated based on RH and T°C so if you want to use VPD to estimate leaf wetness, your RH sensor should be well calibrated.

Forecasted leaf wetness

For stations using meteoblue (virtual ad physical) : By default the wetness will be estimated by the Leca model.

For stations without meteoblue : you can chose in the table to estimate leaf wetness based o RH or on VPD (you can change thresholds).