Decision support system for the management of agriculture

RIMpro is a decision support system (DSS) for the sustainable management of pests and diseases in fruit and grape production. Every day, the cloud service and meteo system help thousands of growers and consultants worldwide to make the best decisions to protect their crops.


Accurate data that saves your crops

RIMpro is based on simulation models that are continuously developed and tested by scientists in production regions around the world. Easily connect your weather station and instantly receive valuable information for the regulation of pests and diseases in integrated, low-input, or biological production systems.

Weather data

Monitor the weather and your crop production remotely through RIMpro’s cloud services.

Remote field monitoring

Connect your weather station in minutes to the RIMpro meteo service and instantly receive valuable information.

Real-time information

The models are updated every 30 minutes and use the most recent weather forecast for your location.

Disease models

We constantly update our disease models with new scientific knowledge, practical experiences, and user feedback.

Risk calculations

Follow pest and disease development over the production seasons, and always be aware of potential risks.


Not just another model

Most models are based on analysis of local historical data. They fit well with the local history but fail other regions with a different climate or when local climate changes.

RIMpro models are based on the knowledge of how climatic- and geographical factors affect the underlying biological processes. That makes our models robust in explaining pest and disease development in varying climatic situations.