Adviser account

This is an example of the iframes that you can create with your Adviser account and integrate into your website.

To provide your clients access to the RIMpro models you can create links on your company’s website. You embed these links e.g. in iFrames on your website, and write your recommendations to it. The graphs are interactive. Your users can view, zoom and scroll in these graphs, and download them as PDF. Your clients can view the results, they cannot change your parameter setting.

The visitors of your website are anonymous for the RIMpro system. If they would like to personalise the simulations: to evaluate their spray schedule, to set their own Biofix dates, or breakpoints, or run the thinning model with their personal flowering dates, they need a “guest account” to login. They can purchase a guest login over , button “Create new RIMpro account”, or via the Tab “ My spray schedule” that appears in the Scab graphs on your website. Or you can provide us a list of clients and we create their accounts. Invoicing for this extra service can be over you or over us.

The graphics are organized as Tab-view. The language follows the language settings of the browser of your client/visitor. Unsupported languages default to English.

Please use URL masking to hide the server links.


You can integrate into your website (or mobile application) :

  • The map of your stations with a drop-down menu so that the user can select the model he wants and then click on one location.
  • A synthesis of models for a given location (synthesis of the most used apple models or wine models).
  • The simulation for a specific model for one location. We have a catalog of the links that you can embed in your website for the different models. Do not hesitate to contact us to have the complete list of the links.